Horizon Family Partners was established to bring together the knowledge, elite sector and regional expertise along with cultural wisdom of experienced like-minded multi-generational Families (“the Families”).

Founded by entrepreneurs and the families themselves, Horizon formed a dynamic platform to originate, facilitate and benefit from co-investment led opportunities that they believe is of interest and relevance to them and once they have been deliberated and stress tested, rely on exceptional execution and management of those opportunities.

(“Horizon”) is therefore a group formed by Families, of Families and for the Families – it does not seek to substitute the single and multi family offices or investment management relationships that the Families already have. It is a collective community of experienced Families that provide exponential value over any individual.

A combination of intellectual honesty, extensive risk management and best-in-class execution empowers Horizon to curate the opportunities to achieve growth and enhance generational wealth creation and preservation.

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    Pioneers In Private Equity & Venture Capital

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    Deep Technology & Trading Execution Experience

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    Risk Management & Portfolio Construction

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    Wealth, Investment & Asset Management

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    Capital Markets / Investment Banking

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    Entrepreneurial Business Owners & Founders